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Four fluorine graphite technical performance indicators

numerical order technical index monad Numeric
1 Density g/cm² 2.1-2.3
2 strength of extension Mpa


3 elongation at break % ≥250
4 Hardness Kg/cm² 4.54
5 heat conductivity coefficient Kcal/m h/℃ 0.21
6 coefficient of linear expansion Cm/℃  
    -100℃ 1.09x10^-4
    -50℃-0℃ 1.13x10^-4
    0-50℃ 1.23x10^-4
    50-100℃ 1.34x10^-4
    100-150℃ 1.365x10^-4
    150-200℃ 1.69x10^-4
    200-250℃ 2.165x10^-4
7 mass resistivity Ω/cm ≥10^17
8 sheet resistivity Ω ≥10^14
9 medium ullage tangent value Kv/mm ≤2.5x10^-4
10 disruptive strength   ≥60
11 friction coefficient   0.04-0.15
12 Application temperature -180~260

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